What is Flatland?
Flatland is a type of bicycle stunt riding. Riders perform manuvers, usually rolling on one wheel, in different positions. The manuvers can be done on the front or back wheel. This artistic sport is usually performed in large flat areas that are paved, such as parkinglots.
Skills Involved?
Much like Martial Arts, Flatland requires a person to develop their coordination, sense of balance, and reflexes. It also requires riders to have determination, focus, imagination, and creativity.
Who Rides Flatland?
Flatland riders can be found worldwide. They range anywhere from 10 years old to 40 years of age. With time, every rider develops their own distinct riding style.
How Does Diversion Video Magazine Help Kids?
Diversion Video Magazine allows kids to see other young people participating in a positive activity. Not only does it direct kids to an activity that will keep them physically fit, but Diversion Video Magazine represents the diversity of the global flatland community. Diversion has riders from all over the world speak about their country and what it is like to ride in there. For example, Mañuel Prado is a flatlander from Costa Rica. He has a unique story about how he had to work for 12 hours a day on a pineapple plantation inorder to earn enough money to travel to the United States. He also talks about the struggles in his country to buy parts for his bike due to the expense. With Diversion Video Magzine, kids everywhere will have a chance to learn about people like Mañuel. They will have a chance to see people with determination do what they enjoy and make their dreams a reality.
Who is Behind Diversion Video Magazine?
Bobby Carter is the main person behind Diversion Video Magazine. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Film/Video Production from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Masters Degree in Editing from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He has been riding Flatland for more than 10 years and has traveled to many countries including Mexico, Singapore, Japan, and Brazil. His mission is to share his experiences traveling and meeting interesting people that share in the flatland lifestyle.
Where Can I See Diversion Video Magazine?
The first issue of Diversion Video Magazine was released in Summer of 2002. You can download a quicktime preview of Issue #1.

Can I Order Diversion for my Library?

Librarians can order Diversion Video Magazine from
Quality Books Inc.
1003 W. Pines Road Oregon, IL 61061
1(800) 323-4241

If you have questions about Diversion Video Magazine or would like to help in anyway, please e-mail: info@diversionvm.com