The next Diversion video, "Made in: Thailand," will be playing this summer on Diversion TV.

Download the trailer or watch it in full screen DVD quality at Diversion TV!

Diversion TV Presents: "Ticos Jam 5" Video

Click photo for Video!

Thanks in part to Odyssey BMX, we went down to Costa Rica to attend Ticos Jam 5 with Chase Gouin and Terry Adams. Team "A Bad Thing," Justin Miller, Jon Dowker, Scott Powell, and Richard Aguayo also attended!



After years of development, today marks the beginning of a new era for Diversion. To celebrate the GRAND OPENING of Diversion TV, we're giving away a FREE rental of Diversion 5.0. Just use coupon code 495550 before checkout and there will be no charge upon processing the order!


Stay tuned as we expand the library to provide you access to your favorite videos!

This is only the beginning!!!


Special Element Photo Overload!

Special Element is a flatland event that took place in Osaka, Japan! Miyuki Dezaki sent me some photos to share with everyone.

To check out the photo gallery click here!

Diversion 7.0 ships today! Tell your friends!

In fact, I'm heading to the post office right now!

DIVERSION 7.0 has arrived!
Diversion 7.0 ships worldwide on November 6!

Play Trailer HERE! (7MB)

The Lab is full!

A BAD Thing is in the lab!
Team "A Bad Thing" that is...The newest bike company out of France stopped by the lab on their way to Las Vegas for Interbike. Congratulations to Matthias Dandios who won the NORA Cup Award! (Number One Rider Award)
The lab is repaired now by the way....

Disaster at the L@b! It rained really hard all day yesterday and the ceiling started to leak. Today the maintence guy came to diagnose the problem and the ceiling fell on him! He didn't get hurt and there was no equipment damage either. Whew! There's a big hole in the ceiling though. They'll fix the leaky pipe and ceiling tomorrrow. This shouldn't delay the release of Diversion 7.0...

"Hello?...moshi moshi? Yo! I just posted the trailer for Diversion 7.0 The final stage!
Yes, it's the last DVD, but this is just the beginning! The DVD will be released in October. ENJOY!

Play Movie HERE! (7MB)


Diversion 6.0 wins Aurora Platinum Best of Show Award for excellence in execution, in content, and in creativity.


"The Platinum Best of Show" award is the highest award given at the Aurora Awards, an industry wide Film and Video competition for independent productions. I'd like to thank all the riders who have participated in the videos over the years and everyone who helped in the production of the series!
Dreams do become reality!
iAight! Back to work on 7.0!!


Yo support flatland in the USA and go to the Flatland VooDoo Jam in New Orleans June 30 !It's the largest flatland competition in the United States!


Too much stuff is going on in the lab! As soon as one thing happens, something else happens and I don't even have a chance to breathe!

So basically, 7.0 is well into post production and I'm half way through the rough cut at the moment.

Diversion TV soooooo close, I think it's going to launch next month, but don't quote me on that.

Of course you know that whatever goes on in the lab it's going to be worldwide. Hiroaki "Jose" Fujiwara (former Quamen welder) and I have been organizing okonomiyaki (japanese style pizza) parties in the lab. We're re-creating japan in the laboratory! It's Happy times! We're not mad...not mad at ALL!

As some of you may know, there's been a lot of "excitement" going on in the lab lately...
Thanks in part to Odyssey BMX, we were able to go to Costa Rica and attend Ticos Jam 4 with Chase Gouin. So enjoy our journey though Costa Rica to the largest Flatland event in Central America.
Watch the video!

Format: Quicktime (38MB)


Diversion has seemed quiet on the outsitde lately, but it's been crankin' like crazy on the inside. So I'll drop the MotoGroundForce promo segment on y'all!

Format WMV (23MB)

This video is brought to you by Diversion Mall !!

Diversion Mall is now open! It's free shipping worldwide! Get all the hot products right here!

Diversion is now a proud sponsor of the
BMX Flatland World Circuit!

Yo! You all may be wondering. What's going on at the lab? Well, for the last month, or so it hasn't been about what's going on at the lab. It's what's been going on worldwide! I've been on location for while. I had two back to back Trips. First I want to thank Odyssey BMX for sending Chase Gouin, Manuel Prado, and myself to Costa Rica for the Ticos Jam. Be sure to check out the magazines for the write-ups and stay tuned for a video segment about our trip in Costa Rica!

Chase Gouin in Costa Rica!

Right after I returned from Costa Rica, I was packing my bags so I could head out to Japan for Circle of Balance in Tokyo.

Jesse Puente, myself, and Scott O'Brien at Narita Airport in Japan!

Please stay tuned for a video segment about the Circle of Balance experience as well. After the contest ended, I decided to stay an extra week in Japan and go to Fukuoka (It's in the southern part of Japan) and do a little report on the scene down there featuring Hidekazu Kuga and Seiji Sakata! Be sure to check out this bonus track in Diversion 7.0 coming in October 2007!


I've added new tracks from Diversion 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 to the rotation on Diversion Radio.
Launch Station!


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Italy! ....WHAT!

Watch the movie:

Happy New Year!


And the winner is...Mohd Ariff Kamal Abdullah Sany!

First place goes to Ariff from Malaysia and here is his dream :
"...my dream is to continue promoting the sport in my country. I want to document every flatland aspect on my camera lens. It's like a dream that will come true. Regardless of money, I'd like to film something that my audience and my local riders can own and feel inspired by...."
Enjoy the Diversion 6.0 DVD!!

Coming in at a close 2nd place is Marie Meuret from France. Whose dream is "...to be surrounded by good vibes peoples, to work much more on my bike, to travel and introduce Flatland to the one who doesn't know about it, to bring happyness to others, to go back to the US, to work much more and positively for Flatland..."

Keep sending in your dreams! The lab is a place where dreams become reality! Will your dreams become reality?? Only you know the answer to that !


It’s almost a wrap for 2006!
The year has been crazy, just look at the updates on this page! Diversion went to Costa Rica, Japan, Singapore, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. DVM 6.0 was released and 7.0 has been filmed. We got the Ticos Jam 3 segment from Costa Rica aired on FuelTV. Flatland got to primetime TV twice this year; once on ABC’s “American  Inventor” and another time on ABC’s “Master of Champions” featuring Terry Adams and Matt Wilhelm. The Cuatro Network  from Spain shot a segment on flatland and Diversion. The Hollywood Jams and Intrikat Jams went off this year. Also Jesse Puente entered the event organization sector and made a dope battle go down in Compton and Lancaster. We had a lot of visitors to the lab: various Southriders, Jeff Zielinski, Simon O’Brien and more.  In terms of Contests, VooDoo Jam made a come back and MotoGround Force went off in Singapore, and Flatring was jumpin’ in Paris! Windstorm happened in Malaysia and I know a lot of other events happened elsewhere in the world. Just check out global-flat.com! Terry Adams got the cover of BMX Plus! That’s two flatland covers in within a year. Cream magazine and Soul magazine came out to the US to shoot photos. On top of that, Giant Robot Magazine did a four page article about flatland in Japan! Things are happening for flatland and there’s going to be more if we keep working. These were all dreams. Just impulses of thought energy in peoples' mind. With focus and determination these dreams were made reality. Make your dreams reality for 2007! What’s your dream??? The first person to send in their dream for 2007 will get a free Diversion 6.0 DVD! Send your 2007 dream to info@diversionvm.com

I forgot to mention that last week Diversion, Sick Child, and Aggro Alliance filmed a segment for a TV network in Spain called Cuatro. Look for me (Bobby Carter) , Ed Nussbaum, and Mark Andrada on your TV soon if you live in Spain and other parts of Europe! From our parking lots we're gonna take all around the GLOBE!!
Don't miss the special offer on Liquid Frame. Get any two (2) Diversion DVDs and a t-shirt for only $39!
Complete your collection today!

On another note, Terry Adams made his second magazine cover on BMX Plus! Go get that issue and vote for him to be Freestyler of the year!
The updates have been slim over the past month, but that's because the lab has been in high gear!
Diversion TV is coming soon...
Broadcasting WORLDWIDE 2007!

...And the winner is....THOMAS FULLEGAR!
Thomas lives in England and here is what he learned from from these episodes at the lab:

"These stories have inspired me, motivated me, kept me pushing harder and harder trying the impossible. Hoping that one day I can make it big and prove to all those who have doubted me, that it is possible. To never give up, to never loose the faith.

But most of all you have taught me to make dreams reality!"

Congratulations, Thomas. Everyone give our boy, Thomas, a round of applause!

Who's in da lab? JZ's in da LAB!

That's right, Jeff Zielenski has entered the realm where dreams become reality. If you're not familiar, let me bring you up to date. This is the guy that shot the cover of Ride BMX with Terry Adams doing the Katrina. Jeff is no stranger when it comes to making history. This day we had two objectives. The first was to do an interview for the "Diversions" section of Ride BMX on Diversion. After we finished that, the second objective was to complete a mission for one of Jeff's photo projects. Jeff was attempting to make photo history and Diversion was on hand to make sure it happend.

While at the lab, Jeff took some time to study BMX from around the world...

OK, so back to the story. After about 3 or 4 tries at shooting this photo, we wondered what this attempt was going to bring us. The location: Downtown LA

Our original location near Little Tokyo turned out to be bad. So we were on a mission to find the ultimate spot for the shoot. Everytime we thought we had found a good place something was wrong. This wasn't any ordinary shoot. Jeff was trying to make history, so everything had to line up perfectly.Trying a new photo technique and making history isn't easy and Ol' JZ was getting a little frustrated and loosing faith. I knew there was no way we were going to fail this time. I was going to keep driving the transport around downtown 'til the sun came up if that's what it took. Finally, we spotted a possible area on a bridge. After getting up close, we discovered that the bridge held a secret that would take the idea to the next level, beyond our original intentions.

I was stoked to find the bridge spot!

Jeff was equally stoked. So we set up for the photo.

II won't go into details about the set up of the photo. You'll just have to wait until you see it in Ride BMX. We did the calculations and calibrations and the shoot went down without a hitch. I provided the flatland and Jeff manned the camera. After the shoot, I noticed a bunch of cop cars, creeping in the background. I guess they keep an eye on bridges over big freeways. They didn't bother us. Why would they? They were witnessing history in the making! Jeff's dream became a reality.

The man, the machine, and his dream!

So if you have read this far, I'm going to give away a DVM 6.0 DVD. I want to know who is really reading these episodes from the lab. To commemorate the release of 6.0, I want you to e-mail me and tell me what you've learned from these stories. The sixth (6th) e-mail received will get a special delivery from the lab!

Diversion: Behind the Scenes!
I picked up the DVDs from the replicator yesterday. I got caught in rush hour traffic and it took about 3 hours of driving, but it was worth it because Diversion 6.0 is HERE! Afer more than a year and a half from concept to material realization, 6.0 ships out Oct. 24th WORLDWIDE! So make it go from this computer screen to your hands. Check out the movie clip of what goes on when a DVD arrives at the lab!

click here for the movie!


All the South Riders have visited the lab. Today we had a special guest, Carey Mathews!!

For the record, Terry Adams, Mickey Gaidos, Scott O'Brien, Dickie Sanders, Eugene Collins and Carey Mathews have made the pilgrimage to the lab!
To celebrate the moment, Eugene Collins made a cameo and we had a sneak preview of
Diversion 6.0.
Carey and Eugene stoked on 6.0!

Coming Soon! It's at da replicatah my peeplez!!

Diversion 6.0 is Coming Soon!

Click here for the Tralier.
Last weekend, THE FLATLAND TWINS, Rod and Ren, went clubbing and tore it up in Santa Monica at the Temple Bar. Expect to see these two on the dance floor at a club near you! They were heard commenting, "Yo, that was dooooope!!"

Anyway, I finished editing Diversion 6.0. It's being encoded and then it's off for replication. Some of you might be wondering if there really is a lab, well there is... it's a special place where dreams become reality...

Another sunny day at the lab!

It's been a while since I've put up any updates, but don't think things are slow at the lab. As a matter of fact, it's been off the hook! First was a trip out to the VOO DOO Jam in New Orleans. This competition definitely is pushing forward to a new format for flatland events. Right after that, I had to bounce out for a flatland trip all over Japan....

I met up with my boy, Brett Dighton from Australia, in Tokyo and we trekked all the way to the most northern point of Hokkaido, Japan. It's cold up there, you're next to Russia! We found ourselves in the town of Wakkanai and sessioned next to the Sea of Okhotsk.

Then we made our way back down to Sapporo, Hakodate, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and finally Kobe for the Space Ark comp. We had a lot of adventures and met a lot of new friends and riders.

Lost in Kyoto...

After Japan, I caught a flight to Singapore for the MotoGroundForce competition. It was sick! I met a lot of riders from Malaysia, China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Chile, as well as the US. I told you things were getting crazy in flatland this year. But wait! I'm not through yet!

As soon I got back to Los Angeles from Singapore, Terry Adams and Matt Wilhelm flew out the next day for the taping of "Masters of Champions." This is a TV show that I was helping to coordinate. It airs on the ABC network. That's pretty much the biggest thing this year in terms of flatland coverage on TV!! Wow...now I'm back in the lab and DVM 6.0 is bubbling in the test tubes so stay tuned!!!

Oh yeah, Simon O'Brien will be at the lab for a week starting tomorrow...


Flatland Straight outta Compton! That's right, a phenomenal flatand battle went down in South Central LA. The first non-ESPN/corporate flatland competition to occur since AFL. The crowd was feeling the flatland as the battle ensued. It was tight and I hope it happens again. Thanks to Jesse Puente and the guys at Disaster BMX for helping to push flatland another step along in its journey! Next Saturday (5-6-06), is the Hollywood Jam at ZUMA BEACH. Bring some girls with you!

Yo, March was so busy, I didn't have time to update the news. You guys aren't ready for what's been brewin' in the lab! Diversion is making some new moves, taking things in a new direction. Anyway, check out this segment on Ticos Jam3 and keep watching Project Detention on FuelTV Televsion version of the segment. You should also check out bmxplusmag.com because they are supporting flatland!
View the movie

I told you a couple entries ago that it was going to get crazy and it just did. Manuel Prado and I just returned from Costa Rica. There were a lot of flatlanders down there for the Ticos Jam. After the jam Manuel, Scott Powell, and Pat Schoolen and I took a single propeller cessna to the pacific side of Costa Rica to lay out on the beach, go on a zipline tour through the conopy of the rain forest, and snorkeling - all because of FLATLAND! The riders were stoked and so were we. Thanks to Etnies and everyone else who helped to make this dream a reality. I'm editing a segement of the event for Project Detention right now. It will air on Fuel TV. Also stay tuned to BMX Plus! and Cream Magazines for articles on the event. If that wasn't enough, the new issue of Giant Robot Magazine is out. We did a 4 page article on Flatland in Japan. Check it out at your local Tower Records!

Yesterday, Hadrien Picard of Soul Magazine in France, arrived in Los Angeles to do a photoshoot with the flatlanders here. So we took Hadrien to Beverly Hills for some high class flatland. We called the crew and we were rolling 15 riders deep. Gucci, Prada, flatland... once again history was made. A lot ballers in Hummers, Rolls Royces, Benzes, and Beemers, stopped to watch the action. Maybe contemplating an investment??? Even the cops didn't even look in a rider's direction as they passed the intersection... It was a lot of fun. So be on the lookout for Soul Magazine and word up to all the riders that came out and helped make it possible!

The crew!

Shawn White came out of hiding to regulate security
for Eugene Collins.

That's me hovering over a glowing pit.

Chad Johnston representing LB in BH!

Markis rolls out of Christian Dior! "Yo, where's Gucci at??"

Happy New Year! I'm still in the lab. You thought it was over! I'm still here! Still sucka-free! Always tryin' to bring something new to the table... I have a full plan for '06. It's going to be crazy. Thanks to Etnies Shoes it looks like I'll be heading down to Costa Rica next month with Manuel Prado for the Ticos Jam. Stay tuned to FuelTV for that coverage. Anyone in the area should attend if you want to have fun. There are also a couple reviews of Diversion 5.0 in the new Cream Magazine and 20BMX. Also there's a thread on Pedal BMX about how we can all work together to help flatland survive! Stay tuned because it's going to get crazy!

YO! Be sure to check out the Holiday Specials:

TO ALL LIBRARIANS: Diversion Video Magazine is now being distributed by Quality Books Inc.
1003 W. Pines Road Oregon, IL 61061
1-800 323-4241
If you want to see Diversion in your school or public library, tell your librarians to contact Quality Books Inc!

We just got back from the intrikat jam. It was the gathering of legends! Day Smith, Edgar Placentia, Sean McKinney, Pete Brandt, Jesse Puente, Chad Johnston, and more! Good Vibes and riding all day! Also the winner of the VIP prize is Barron Oda of Honolulu, Hawai'i! Cogratulations B! Sorry Rod, you got second place.

The lab is about to blow up again. I'm about to roll out to LAX and scoop up Terry Adams, his prodigy Dickie, and Justin and Chris Miller from Michigan. Everyone is here for the Intrikat Jam on Saturday. If you can get to Long Beach, you should go. Is anybody reading this? If so, the first person to e-mail me will get a speacial VIP prize!

Hard work pays off! Check out the current issue of RideBMX. For the first time in 9 years, flatland owns the cover again. Terry has been out to the lab countless times in the past year. We've been setting up photoshoots with all the magazines. Terry's been trying to do the craziest tricks ever and finally we got flatland to the cover. Props to Jeff Z. for shooting the photo.Also props to all the magazines that have been supportive and come out to shoot flatland. I said it would take a radical miracle to get flatland to the cover of RideBMX. It happened!

It's been a while, but things are super busy over here in the lab. The Duke and Rob left and then Terry showed up again with Scott O'Brien. They were doing a demo at Red Bull headquarters. It was raining that day, so the demo was held INSIDE THE OFFICE. They had a plasma screen with Diversion playing and all the employess got a sampling of flatland as Terry busted out in the hallway. Scott announced and I videotaped the whole ordeal. Now the Cream crew is back in town. They gave me the latest issue which is overloaded with flatland and their new DVD. If you can get your hands on this video, check the Hiro Morizaki section. He goes off!

Yo, we went down to Melrose yesterday to visit Tagi's shop, Brooklyn Projects and they had a copy of Cream Magazine. There's a report on Liquid Frame. Free Shipping Worldwide! They know what's up and you can too. If you don't know what I'm talking about check it out here!
Ed Nussbaum and I dedicided to go to The Larchmont last night to to see DJ Reid Speed. It was a dope drum and bass show here in Hollywood. Apparently, it was Reid's birthday set. The scene was jumpin". They had a video DJ that was mixing clips with effects live during the set. I'm going to drop some flatland clips on her. She said she'd mix it up! Stay tuned...

All was quiet in the lab for last few weeks. I've Just been taking care of some loose ends in terms of Diversion 5.0. I submitted it to X-dance, the Action Sports Film Festival in Utah. I hope it gets accepted. You know I keep the test tubes bubblin'! In other news, we have a couple of visitors today. Jon Dowker and Rob Christianson are in town for a few weeks to do shows. Ed Nussbaum of Sick Child will be here tomorrow to take care of some business. Also Darren Hugh of ATL fame is in town on business and will be stopping by the lab! So it looks like the lab is jumpin' once again!

An evening with J-Lo...
Terry Adams representing flatland at the Macy's Passport 05 Fashion Show. This was a big event in Santa Monica with many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, and Traci Bingham...View the story.
5.0 HAS DROPPED! I REPEAT, 5.0 HAS DROPPED! It's official -as sure as a rat eats cheeze! It's nothing, but exclusive footage from the flipside of BMX, the Flatland mecca known as JAPAN!
Get it here, homeboy!
Yo! The Lab is CRAZY! We had a little emergency in the Lab today. Hurricane Rita is about to wreck Texas and Terry Adams was unable to fly back to the east from San Francisco. So I had to make an unexpected run to LAX. He had to reschedule a flight to LA at the last minute.Since he has to do shows out here next week for Mattel, the toy manufacturer, he's staying in the Lab. The Lab is becoming a place of refuge for stranded South Riders. First Eugene Collins when Katrina hit and now T-Rizz. While I went to work, Terry and Eugene reunited out here on the left coast and sessioned for the first time in quite a while.
It looks like everybody is leaving for Flatground in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I won't be attending the event because I need to work. That's OK though. I had my fun in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia this year. If you are lucky enough to be going to Flatground, be sure to check out the Diversion 5.0 premiere along with Intrikat's new video! The Lab is full of DVDs and 5.0 drops on Sept. 28! Worldwide!

I took the intern, Lionel, to LAX this morning and the lab is quiet. He's on his way back to France. The intership is over, but Lionel's impact will continue to be felt at Diversion. I'm sure this was probably the craziest internship offered at the International Business School in France.He got to chill with Quiksilver's "The Crossing," go to crazy X-games parties, roll around Los Angeles VIP, and ride at the hottest beaches in southern Cali . MERCI! Keep it worldwide! Young L!