The idea for a flatland magazine sprouted in September of 1996. I was not satisfied with the small amount of flatland coverage that appeared in magazines and videos. I wanted to make a video series that covered flatland contests, jams, new products, scenes, and how-to's. Since I was a student, with limited time and money, I could not gather the neccesary materials for a video magazine. Therefore, I created how-to's and with that, the instructional video "Hang-5: A Journey into the World of Flatland" was born.

Fast forward to 2002.There are now two flatland video magazines (Flatland Manifesto and Vibe) that provide excellent coverage of contests worldwide. With these guys pumping out contest coverage, I am able to turn my attention to a more personal video adventure: Diversion Video Magazine. While completing a Bachelor's Degree in Film and a Master's Degree in Editing, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan, Singapore, Brazil, and Mexico, in search of riders. I have discovered that flatland riding is much more than contests. Although contests are an important aspect of riding, contests consume only a portion of a rider's life. Most of a rider's time is spent in parking lots riding alone or jamming with other riders. This aspect of a rider's life needs to be captured on film.

Diversion Video Magazine is an extension on the TV screen of the rider's life. We meet interesting people, travel to new lands, and teach each other new tricks. Bringing a new format to BMX video production, this video series will serve as a way for riders world wide to communicate. If you would like to know what's going on in a scene far away, like Brazil or Malaysia, just pop in Diversion Video Magazine and check out what they are doing first hand. They will tell you about their scene and what's going on. Of course, you can tell them about your scene as well.

With this new format, riders will be able to build a line of communication, which will strengthen the flatland commmunity, world wide.

=Bobby Carter=