Introducing Diversion Motion Pictures. In the year 2000, many flatland jams and riders in the Los Angeles area were overlooked by the magazines (both video and printed). This is an epic compilation of lost sessions in L.A. with 27 riders representing, Austria, France, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States.

Riders include: Day Smith, Alex Jumelin, Tanaka Kotaro, Stefan Brockich, Simon Chong, Mark Andrada, Mark Blayney, Bobby Carter, Stephen Cerra, Andy Cooper, Chris Day, David Dixon, Ibounig Gernot, Shinichiro Hara, Takahata Kensaku, Billy Martinez, David McDaniel, Ed Nussbaum, Paul Pagano, Edgar Plascencia, Stephen Scheuerer, Eric Stefano, Ito Takashi, U-haul, Bob Weatherlee, Gabe Weed, and Dylan Worsley.

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